Better Performance for the Yamaha Virago 250

  Here is my opinion for better performance on the Virago 250:
Do sprocket change to 17/38, 17/40, or 17/42, etc..  If you drill or remove your baffles, have carb rejetted.  If you need a tire don’t go bigger than 130/90-15 (120/90-15 is goo

Yamaha MT-04 250cc V-Twin MTflat tracker concept

d), and research the weight as some (such as Pirelli) are heavier than others.  Do everything to reduce weight, even lose weight yourself.  Extra weight reduces acceleration especially on small bikes, so be very selective about what you add to your bike (just say no).  If you buy accessories, get lightweight ones.  Try to resist adding to the bike – remember that this is a lightweight cruiser, as opposed to the bigger V-Stars.  After saddlbags and other heavy accessories are added to a V-Star 650, a strong XV250 could out-run it!  (If a V-Star 650 Silverado is loaded with 170 lbs more (example: carrying passenger or extra equipment) than a V-Star 250, the power to weight ratio is the same.)  Remove whatever you don’t really need – rear seat, rear footpegs and plates, sissy bar, helmet lock, pods, etc.       -Les S. 

    Less weight – more performance – especially for small motorcycles

A 125 cc V-Twin that weighs 31 kg or 68 lbs more than a Virago 250cc V-Twin

 The yellow bike pictured above is a 125 cc V-Twin that weighs 13.2 kg or 29 lbs more than a Virago 250cc V-Twin 

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8 Responses to Better Performance for the Yamaha Virago 250

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

  2. very nice post, i certainly love this website, carry on it

  3. jariekers says:

    Well, this is an old thread but I appreciate it. One of the things I have been considering was ADDING weight for better stabilization in the wind. Besides a windshield, what about a 25 pound bag of lead shot in each saddlebag. Adding 50 pounds makes the XV250 about 380 lbs. It may slow it down, but for commuting where 55 mph is top speed limit it might help (especially crossing bridges) to hold a line in wind. Any thoughts?

    • lstrick115 says:

      Hi, jariekers,
      I am just guessing here – but adding some weight might make the bike more stable in wind, especially if the weight is mounted very low.
      Don’t know if you already have a windshield, but the Rifle Superbike Fairing is a really good choice for smaller bikes like the Virago 250. It is 5 lbs and is 19 inches wide.
      My opinion on the xv250 and wind is that if you can tolerate some movement and just “hang in there”, the xv250 handles it fine and 99% of the time it is not dangerous. On my commute, the worst wind was around exit 29 on I95 in Bridgeport, CT – a cross wind that switched direction from left to right. My xv250 did fine – people pay money to go on carnival rides that throw you around like that.
      My opinion on the xv250 and weight is (due to the xv250’s low hp and weight) taking weight off makes a noticeable performance increase– better acceleration and braking.

      Hope this helps,
      Les S.

  4. Matt XJ650 says:

    Has anyone looked into SRV250 parts for the XV250 such as dual carbs or 2-2 exhaust? I hear they even have a different cam profile if one was determined enough

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