The cheap Virago 250 “2-to-1” exhaust mod – no parts needed except exhaust clamp, reduces exhaust system weight from 6.2kg (13.6 pounds) to 3.63kg (8.0 pounds)

I modified the XV250 exhaust by cutting the lower muffler about 13mm or 1/2 inch after the back cylinder pipe junction, cutting the top muffler at 273mm or 10 ¾ inches, and then joining the two together, so I no longer use the middle section of the muffler assembly – which reduces weight by 2.09kg (4.6 lbs) plus I leave off the rear chrome non-functional pipe which weighs 0.45kg (1.0 lb).  (Note:  if you do this mod, I would recommend cutting the lower muffler at 19mm or 3/4 inch or more after the back cylinder pipe

cut lower pipe 19mm after back cylinder pipe junction, cut top muffler at 273mm plus cut notch in lower rear,then join the two together

junction (see red mark in picture).  This makes cleanup of the pipe more difficult, as you have to grind away a small part of the resonance chamber, but it will make attaching a muffler much easier.)

The performance seems about the same, but the sound was not quite as good as the stock muffler (gutted) – and it was louder. 

baffles 2 inches wide by 4 inches long will fit the stock Virago 250 mufflers after you remove the first baffle

  I doubled the size of the aftermarket baffle and it improved the tone to where I don’t mind it, but it seems to sound “harder” than the stock muffler, whereas the stock gutted muffler assembly had a smoother, more powerful, more pleasant sound – at 65 to 70, the sound reminded me of a Moto Guzzi.
It still sounds “good” – but the stock muffler sounded better.
I will probably try a bigger muffler, and see if I can get it to sound better.         ———
Please see my later post –     The cheap Virago 250 “2-to-1” exhaust mod Part II – you need one used Supertrapp muffler – reduces exhaust system weight from 6.2kg (13.6 pounds) to 4.3 kg (9.5 pounds) -Les S.

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6 Responses to The cheap Virago 250 “2-to-1” exhaust mod – no parts needed except exhaust clamp, reduces exhaust system weight from 6.2kg (13.6 pounds) to 3.63kg (8.0 pounds)

  1. hi there,

    nice site. lots of info and inspiration. i’m looking at changing the stock exhaust on my xv250. i don’t have much tools and fairly new to this. i was wondering if you’d have any tips on how to best remove the stock exhaust specially the rear one. i understand the set up (ie: fake pipe, 2 to 1 etc) of the bike. would simply just having the bike on its side stand be good enough to remove the pipes without issues or would i have to lift the bike or something to get some good space going underneath? i think i’m more concerned about the rear pipe how it snakes down the middle of the frame to that chamber part that connects to the other pipe. my new set follows the same route as the stock pipes. it will be 2 to 2 semi straight pipes (still has restrictors inside). thanks a lot. i’d appreciate any info. 🙂

    • lstrick115 says:

      Hi Ric,
      Thanks for the nice comments. You can work on the exhaust system with the bike on it’s side stand. You can also put boards under the back wheel and the side stand to raise the bike a little – to be safe I would not raise it this way more than 1/2 or 1 inch (12 to 25 mm). You might want to move your ignition switch to under the front of the tank – I did that, and it makes removing the rear pipe so much easier. I really like it there, and it is more secure there than by the speedo. To relocate the Virago 250 ignition switch below the gas tank, you need to make a 14 inch extension for the wiring. One of my favorite things about my bike is the extra space around the back of the engine. After I removed the fake pipe and moved the ignition, I broke off some of the mounting tabs, which made a little more empty space.
      Let me know how your new pipes do.

  2. thanks for the reply. i was also thinking about along the lines of putting the bike on top of some boards like what you suggested. from the way it looks, i would have to remove the ignition switch and the fake pipe bracket to reach the bolts for the rear header. my bike is essentially pure stock with a few cosmetic changes and air filter. she had about 19k km when i got her, 1990 model. she now has 25k km. the pipes will be my first major mod. hopefully there wont be any issues.


  3. Joe F. says:

    Hi Les,

    I just notice today that I have a exhaust problem. The problem is that the smoke is not coming out from the exhaust pipe at all, but it’s coming from under the rear wheel. It looks like that lower plastic pipe is connecting to the exhaust pipe and I think there are wholes in it, maybe cracked.

    Do you know where I can get that part? It’s expensive? Or I can just re-modify and add aftermarket pipes? Maybe home made?

    I can see the plastic pipe is going up all the way to the seat. I don’t have a drawing, so I’m not sure where the exhaust pipe is going and coming from. The 250 is a v-twin, so the first exhaust connection pipe is in the front, what about the second? Can I just join them together and have one exhaust and remove that lower plastic piece. The lower plastic piece exhaust pipe looks likes it’s emission installed to reduce pollution.

    Thank you for all your help and time.


    • lstrick115 says:

      Hi Joe,
      Please search google for “virago 250 rear exhaust” and view the images, Does the black rear exhaust on your bike seem to look OK compared to the google images? Could you take a closeup photo of the rear exhaust (under the bike) and send that ? Thanks, Les S.

      • Joe says:

        Hi Les,

        Searching on Google I think the problem is from the muffler. I’m planing to take the pipes down this weekend and check the exhaust pipes and the muffler.

        I think the muffler cracked when I lifted the bike up on the jack (wide stand) I bought from eBay. I shouldn’t have lifted the bike under the muffler. I wish I could get a center stand that would be easier to lift the back tier and work on the motorcycle.

        Looking at the second cylinder and where the exhaust pipe connects it looks all good, in good condition, not corroded or rust. My 2009 v star 250 has 4,900 miles.

        I do hope it’s not the muffler, because if it is that will be an expensive repair, I saw over $435 for the entire exhaust pipe, because it’s included with the muffler. Of course unles I can find a used one on eBay.

        I will send you a picture when I get the exhaust pipes off from both cylinders.

        Thank you for your time and help.


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