Reflective vests, Supertrapp, and the left side of the church

     I got home late last night from a wedding – so I am pretty groggy. I still wanted to drive the bike to work today but 3 stations said rain in northwest CT. I am lucky to have my commute – 47 miles (75.6 km) with quite a few hills and curves. Anyway, at the wedding the people that sat on the bride’s side of the church seemed to be very fit. A lot of them were Filipino, so I told my wife that I should go on a Filipino diet. Not sure what that is, but if I weighed what I weighed in high school, my 22 hp Virago 250 would perform as though it had 26 hp. If I could just get down (from 210) to 170 pounds (77 kg), my 22 hp Virago 250 would perform as though it had 23.8 hp.

old sorta beat-up Supertrapp mufflers I got on ebay - they look sad now, but 5+ hours with aluminum polish should help

  I received my old slightly beat-up Supertrapp mufflers that I bought on ebay, so I will be posting about that once I get one of them to fit.  One has black and orange racing stripes – a nice touch – I like things that are sporty and classy at the same time.

This morning I saw a motorcycle probably a mile in front of me. The first thing I could see was their yellow reflective vest. I wear a yellow leather jacket in the cool months; this person’s vest was definitely more visible than my jacket. In the hotter months I wear a blue JR jacket with a yellow arm-band (only one – don’t ask how I lost the other one). Blue is not the safest color, so I will go to yellow mesh jacket someday…..


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