Close call Virago 250 vs. Mercedes and flying in the slow lane at 50 mph

OK - the tire is not really that wide (neither is the dog)


   I have a 47 mile commute (one way), over half of it is two lane roads with hills and curves.  Now that schools are open, I am on the road about 3 hours a day now.  Anyway, today on Route 123 in Lewisboro, NY, a Mercedes SLK280 pulled out right in front of me.  West Lane, the road he was on, hits Route 123 at a 45 degree angle, and I was probably in his blind spot.  Many of today’s cars have steeply angled windshields which create larger blind spots than older cars had.  Anyway, I try to be ready for this kind of thing, so I had little trouble getting slowed down real fast.  I was not even angry at the other driver; I expect cars to pull out in front of me.  Close calls like this keep us sharper and safer, more ready for the next one.

About 12 miles later, on I95 in Westport, CT, I met up with a bird flying my direction.  The bird flew along about 10 feet above the slow lane and I was a few feet behind it in the middle lane, doing about 50 mph.  The bird flew beside me for maybe a quarter mile, then it veered sharp right. I didn’t know that birds normally flew that fast, and the bird made it look so easy.

Now to get home and change the Supertrapp back to 8 discs and add the exhaust shield – I have 4 discs in it now and I do not feel an improvement in torque.  The sound is incredible though – better than the original muffler system (gutted) which sounded great.        –Les S.

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