If a bolt is loose, you could lose it (especially chrome ones)

allen head bolt sort of like the XV250 fender bolt

If you have a Virago 250, you might recognize the large allen bolt in the picture as the bolt that attaches the rear fender to the frame.  This bolt is almost black, so I polished mine – it was stubborn so I have spent over a hour on it so far and it is almost chrome looking but needs a little more work.  Anyway today, somewhere along the way on my 94 mile (round trip) commute, it fell out.  It must been a little loose.  Coming home, I got into a little tank slapper in Bridgeport – that’s where it used to happen before I did a

allen head bolts - the big one is sort of like the XV250 fender bolt

little work on the front forks and added the fork brace.  So the missing bolt could have been to blame.

Also today my carry bag shifted and some of my lunch fell out (was not zipped all the way closed).  I have been sorting out the mounting, and I do not have a fender luggage rack – so I guess I have to do a better job of “sorting it out”. 

What I learned today I really already knew – anything on a bike needs to be firmly attached and all fasteners need to be checked often for tightness.  Safety wire is a good idea.  Make sure the two big rear fender bolts are very tight, as they could affect the handling.  I find that, when bolts fall out, they are always bolts that I added myself or recently loosened or tightened.      -Les S.

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