Other small V-Twins (other than Virago 250)


This site is mostly about the Yamaha Virago 250 –   but here are some of the other small V-Twins.  If you have pictures on any others, please send them to me at LStrick115@aol.com.  Has anyone heard of any small (less than 250 cc) v-twins other than 125 cc and 250 cc ?

Run your mouse over each picture to see a description. Click on each picture to make larger. On some computers, you can make the picture even larger or smaller by moving the page up/down wheel on your mouse while holding the “Ctrl” key.

100cc V-twin

   SS50 with a homebuilt 100cc V-twin engine by Allen Millyard of the UK

125cc V-twin


The Hyosung 125cc v-twin is available as the GT125 or GT125R – the GT125R has a fairing and upgraded forks (upside-down). The GT125 and GT125R have a DOHC 8 valve engine (based on Suzuki design) and the same chassis as the 250, so they are bigger and more comfortable than most 125’s.

For the GT125, owners report top speeds of 75 to 80 mph, and sometimes a little faster.

For the GT125R, owners report top speeds between 80 and 90 mph.
One owner said his would do 93 mph indicated, which was 90 mph actual (GPS).
Another owner said his GT125R would do 78 mph, which was 12,000 rpm.
Another had his GT125R to 81 mph actual with a passenger.
Another said his GT125R would do 92 mph with a few mods.

Some owners say top speed will be only about 60 mph until you break it in – you need to drive it up to 2,000 miles before the engine loosens up.

[Specs for GT125 – 125cc V-Twin, 331 lbs or 150 kg dry, 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC, 2 carburetors, top speed 75-80 mph, 14.2 hp (10.4 kW) at 10,500 RPM, Torque 9.70 Nm (7.13 ft lbs) at 10,000 RPM, 0-100 km/h 20.2 seconds, 0-60 mph 19.2 seconds]

Click on each picture to make larger. Run your mouse over each picture to see a description.



2000 Sachs Roadster 125 v-twin

1999 Honda VT125 Shadow 15 hp, 70 mph, 8 ft lbs torque, 146 kg


 150cc V-twin

  The Yamaha FZ150i 150cc v-twin is available in Taiwan and other markets. It was never available in the U.S. – a 150cc v-twin is totally unheard of in the U.S.

Some of the specifications of the Yamaha FZ150i 150cc v-twin are

FZ2 150cc V-Twin – from Taiwan

17.4 hp at 11,000 rpm, max rpm 12,000, and wet weight 148.0 kg or 326.3 lbs. The chart below shows rpm at speeds in top gear with stock sprockets.

Yamaha FZ150i 150cc v-twin – rpm at speeds in top gear with stock sprockets

7,000 … 93.5
8,000 … 107
8,200 … 109.5 < one owner claims this is actual 100 kph using GPS.
9,000 … 120
9,750 … 130 factory claimed top speed
10,500 … 140 top speed reported by owners

Yamaha FZ150i 150cc v-twin – rpm at speeds in top gear with stock sprockets

7,000 … 58.1
8,000 … 66.4
8,200 … 68.0 < one owner claims this is actual 62.1 mph using GPS.
9,000 … 74.7
9,750 … 80.9 factory claimed top speed
10,500 … 87.1 top speed reported by owners

One owner reported that he could cruise for 2 to 3 hours at a constant 140 kph (this is 10,500 rpm).

250cc V-twin

Yamaha SRV250 v-twin

The Yamaha SRV250 was basically a Virago 250 motor put into a featherbed (similar to Norton) frame. The motor had twin carbs and had 27 hp at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque at 6,500 rpm. (Virago 250 is 21 or 22 hp depending on the year and has single carb.)  Tire sizes were 90/90/18 front and 110/90/18 rear. (Virago 250 is same front and 130/90-15 rear)

Dry weight was 317.5 lbs or 144 kg.  Top speed was approx. 90 mph or 145 kph

They were not imported to the US.  They were expensive, and, in countries where they were sold, generally they did not sell very well.

Later the lower priced Renaissa was produced.  Where the SRV250 had alloy and chrome, the Renaissa was painted black, and the Renaissa had just a speedometer instead of the tachometer and speedometer of the SVR250.

———————————————————————————————————- Acceleration ranking for V-Twin 250’s:

Note: acceleration times can vary based on year of bike, condition, weight of rider, accessories added, etc.

1) Virago 250 is faster off the line – 0-100 km/h 12 seconds, 0-60 mph 11.4 seconds, ¼ mile 17sec at 75 mph, top speed 85 mph (I have also seen 0-60 10.5 seconds for Virago 250)

2) AlphaSports GV250 0-100 km/h 11.1 seconds, 0-60 mph 10.5 seconds, top speed 130 km/h (81mph)

3) Kymco Venox – 0-100 km/h 12 seconds, 0-60 mph 11.4 seconds

Which 250 V-Twin to buy:

1) AlphaSports GV250 – built by Hyosung Motors in South Korea – a great bike – 383 lbs wet -bike seems big for a 250 – lots of room – great Hyosung engine -28 hp

2) Virago XV250 – 328 lbs wet – more powerful brakes than most 250’s – more comfortable than many 250’s.

3) Kymco Venox – more expensive – great looks – is even bigger than the AlphaSports – 445 lbs wet – raked fork results in rubbery steering – very solid stable ride – handles bumps very well – 26.8hp

   Run your mouse over each picture to see a description.  Click on each picture to make larger.


350cc V-twin


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6 Responses to Other small V-Twins (other than Virago 250)

  1. Mad Mike says:

    The SRV250 is a great bike. I am not sure why these didn’t sell back in the day probably due to the higher price tag than other 250s which would put off learner riders. However, I couldn’t think of a better bike. This thing is fast for a 250 I would love to line it up against a CBR250RR the only 250 faster I would think would be an Aprillia 2-Stroke. Once it gets to 120km/h however you start to realize that it is a 250 after all and not a 500…Because they are rare the aftermarket has no market for it and service people at motorcycle shops don’t know what the hell is going on. They are a cult bike as they are rare as hens teeth and can be modified with new clip ons and single seats with some rear sets off a Ducati to make it look even more like a Cafe Racer.

  2. yoten says:

    Hello, I am the owner of the yellow FZ150N. I took above photo at downstairs just after purchased it at 2008. It’s a nice bike with 250 class chassis and the only weak point is power. Since Taiwan version FZ/FZR 150 share same crankcase and twin-carburetor with SRV250, I asked a workshop to upgrade the displacement and output by replacing the crankshaft, cylinder and head with SRV parts.

    • lstrick115 says:

      Hi yoten,
      Thanks for your email. I love the look of your bike. In the US, Yamaha sells only the cruiser-style 250 v-twin. When your displacement upgrade is complete, let me know how it went – I can add the info to the post.
      Les S.

  3. Ollie Gaudiel says:

    I do have a yamaha FZR 150cc Taiwan. May you suggest where to buy parts like fuel float, brakemasters and airbox, etc. Thanks in advance

  4. felix d says:

    Hi can i have fz 2 150 vtwin engine electrical diagram? Thanks

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