This site is now, low bars on older Virago 250 in non-U.S. markets, and Supertrapp update

Today I paid the $17 annual fee for the Domain Registration of
Before today, I was at
Question – Is anyone accessing this site on a Motorola Droid?  I just received a comment that this site could not be accessed with a Motorola Droid.

Yamaha XV250-2 German brochure – low bars


Two days ago I posted about the 2012 V-Star 250 coming with low bars.  In the past, Yamaha has produced the Virago 250 with low bars for markets other than the U.S. (please see picture).       

If you want a few more plates for your Supertrapp muffler, you can just add washers.

   I just added lock washers that are about 1.3 mm thick to my Supertrapp muffler. This adds open spacing equal to about 2 discs – so now I have the effect of 10 discs. Now it should be little bit louder and should run a little bit leaner. When I pulled the discs out they had some soot on them so maybe I was running a little rich.  Hopefully I can try it out tomorrow.        -Les S.

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