Out of gas – but now I know how far I can go on reserve

I95 southern CT--

Today I let my Virago 250 run out of gas on purpose.
I carried some spare fuel so I could do this.
If you were on I-95N in Norwalk, CT, (in bumper to bumper traffic) about 5:00 PM today – yes, that was me.

Virago 250 gas tank - Les S (cartnpic2)

If you refill to a level about one
inch from the top, the usable capacity
of the Virago 250 tank is 2.34 gallons.

Tank capacity   2.34 gallons total
1.68 gallons Main         .66 gallons Reserve

I do not always fill the tank that high – so keep in mind that if you don’t fill to about an inch from the top, it won’t hold as much.  For example, your usable capacity might be 2.2 gallons.

Virago 250 range in miles (chart2 - paper01 border)

Virago 250 range in kilometers

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5 Responses to Out of gas – but now I know how far I can go on reserve

  1. A worthy test for the useful knowledge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My wife will confirm, I have never run out of gas.

    • lstrick115 says:

      That is good. My wife will confirm that I did run out of gas last year (the plastic gas tank experiment). But I forgot to tell her about running out of gas on purpose on I-95 the other day….

  3. aaron says:

    How far will your 250 Virgo go on one tank in kmph

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