Sprockets – which one to buy?

Sunstar yes
JT maybe
Aluminum no

Sunstar – stamped, then machined on both sides
JT – stamped with no finishing process
Aluminum – wears out about twice as fast as steel sprocket

Here is a great link for chain and sprocket information:

Whoa – I knew that Clip-type master links were not so great – but I did not realize they are bad.  You should use a riveting master link. I need to – as MJ said – “make that change”.

I use Maxima chain wax.

Sunstar – 1045 high-carbon steel  (#1045 is an SAE standard)
JT – C49 high-carbon steel  (#C49 is not an SAE standard)

Have you seen the SAE classifications of steel, stainless steel, etc. ?
The list below is just a start.  It is a whole new world – and it gave me a headache.
Here is a link:    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAE_steel_grades

SAE designation   Type
1xxx  Carbon steels
2xxx  Nickel steels
3xxx  Nickel-chromium steels
4xxx  Molybdenum steels
5xxx  Chromium steels
6xxx  Chromium-vanadium steels
7xxx  Tungsten steels
8xxx  Nickel-chromium-molybdenum steels
9xxx  Silicon-manganese steels

2 Responses to Sprockets – which one to buy?

  1. Jason Seese says:

    Les, which type of drive chain do you use and/or recommend, an o-ring or a non o-ring chain? I’m currently using an o-ring chain; but I am thinking to get a non o-ring the next time around, in order to reduce the rotational mass of the chain, as the non o-ring chain is significantly lighter. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

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