Better Performance for the Yamaha Virago 250

Here is my opinion for better performance on the Virago 250:
Do sprocket change to 17/38, 17/40, or 17/42, etc..  If you drill or remove your baffles, have carb rejetted.  If you need a tire don’t go bigger than 130/90-15 (120/90-15 is good), and research the weight as some (such as Pirelli) are heavier than others.  Do everything to reduce weight, even lose weight yourself. 

Extra weight reduces acceleration especially on small bikes, so be very selective about what you add to your bike (just say no).  If you buy accessories, get lightweight ones.  Try to resist adding to the bike – remember that this is a lightweight cruiser, as opposed to the bigger V-Stars.  After saddlbags and other heavy accessories are added to a V-Star 650, a strong XV250 could out-run it!  (If a V-Star 650 Silverado is loaded with 170 lbs more (example: carrying passenger or extra equipment) than a V-Star 250, the power to weight ratio is the same.)  Remove whatever you don’t really need – rear seat, rear footpegs and plates, sissy bar, helmet lock, pods, etc.       

-Les S.