About me bike

About me     About my bike

  theme = “low-budget functional”

The basic theme/plan/goals I am trying to follow with my Virago 250:
• Minimalist
• Functional (a little like the bikes in Mad Max?) as opposed to stylish – does not have to look perfect
• Lightweight/weight reduction (don’t add accessories – instead, take things off)
• Low cost of ownership

Eclectic – My bike definitely does not look as nice as it did a few years ago.  I like to do low cost upgrades using whatever parts I already have (for my 2-to 2 conversion I had to buy only 2 clamps at $2.39 each).  Moving the headlight forward and the speedo back to make the carrying space, plus the lights, and random parts that I use has given the bike more of an  eclectic/eccentric/odd/Mad Max/old vintage bike  look.  I normally polish the random parts, so my bike probably does not qualify as a Rat bike.  A bike should reflect it’s owner – and that is what mine is doing.

Making parts or using whatever random parts I have gives the bike a “cobbled together” look.  I haven’t heard that term in a while;  maybe you haven’t either – its means “to assemble or make something roughly and quickly”.  Right footpeg mount is from a 1983 Stanley garage door opener. Right footpeg front brace is an old frying pan handle. Left footpeg mounts use seat brackets from a 1974 Toyota Corrolla.  Headlight brace is a mounting bracket from a Viper fairing.   *Upper headlight brace is the aluminum frame of a fishing net I bought in Kentucky in 1977.   *The fairing storage compartment enclosure is part of the grass bagger from a Neuton lawn mower.   *Headlite hi/lo switch is a Carling switch from a 1968 Kustom tuck and roll guitar amp.   *The lower front fairings mount is a rod from an old fertilizer spreader.  *The lower front fairings are the rear fender lower plastics from a Yamaha ATV (Moto 4 200 or Tri-Moto). These are a good choice if you want to add lower fairings to your Virago 250.

(* = removed from bike in 2015)

My bike also has a 1982 Honda CB750 Gear shift lever (a 1981 Honda CM400 shifter fits a lot better), a 1979 Kawasaki KZ400 rear brake pedal lever assembly, and 1987 Yamaha Venture 1300 XVZ1300 mirrors.  The Supertrapp mufflers I bought used off an old BMW; they have been polished enough now that they are fairly shiny and you don’t notice the few dents they have very much.

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