July 1, 2013

front forks--

After this weekend I have a new appreciation of fork seal maintenance – you can do quite a bit the “easy way”- without removing the fork. Anybody can do this – even if you do not do your own work on your bike.


3 easy things you can do to help maintain your fork seals:

1) Keep fork slider clean. Any dirt on the fork slider could wind up inside the fork.

2) Keep dust seal clean. If dust seal has cracks, dirt could get into the fork.

3) If your oil seals are leaking, and you think that you need new ones, try this procedure first:


In many cases of fork seals leaking, the seal does not need to be replaced – it just needs to be cleaned.

Pull up the dust boot, and, using a 35mm film negative or piece of thin flexible plastic about 0ne inch wide and maybe 2 1/2 inches long (13 mm x 64 mm), slide the plastic piece down the fork leg between the seal and the fork slider.  Once you learn to bend the plastic to make a contour that fits the fork slider, it is easy to do.

Moving the plastic piece up and down, go completely around the fork slider a few times. It should go to a depth of about 1/2 inch or 13 mm.

Doing this removes the dirt trapped between the fork seal and the fork slider, and, in many cases, will stop the fork seals from leaking.

My Honda CM400 fork seals were leaking badly, and this totally fixed it.


please see this post on Forks:

5 Responses to Forks

  1. lstrick115 says:

    Hi Jeremy Scott,
    You sent me over 100 emails. Why did you do that ?

  2. lstrick115 says:

    Jeremy Scott,
    You sent me over 100 emails. Why did you do that ?

  3. Jack Morran says:

    I have a 250 Virago and would like to change the forks to longer ones to lift the bike up a bit at the front. Any suggestions on forks that would fit the 250.


  4. Jack morran says:

    Hi Les
    Thank you for your reply ‘re.virago forks.
    Very much appreciated.


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