2002 Virago 250 Owners Manual (dated 2001, 98 pgs )
2002_Virago_250_OWNERS_MANUAL (LIT-11626-15-02, 2001, 98 pgs )

Yamaha XV250 Service Manual (dated 1994, 291 pgs)
Yamaha_XV250_SERVICE_MANUAL (LIT-11616-XV-25, 1994, 291 pgs)

Yamaha XV250X and XV250XC Parts Catalogue (dated 2007, 60 pgs)
Yamaha_XV250X_XV250XC_PARTS_CATALOGUE (2007, 60 pgs)

Yamaha XV250 Torque values and screw sizes

5 Responses to Manuals

  1. Sam says:


    Just wondering if it’s possible to get a replacement log book / service manual for a 2011 Yamaha Virago 250? I have lost mine and have nowhere to record services.



    • lstrick115 says:

      Hi, Sam, Go to the “Manuals” page on this site and download the XV250 service manual. If you print off pages 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3, you might could use those as a service record log. If you enlarge it with a photocopier, it might make it easier to work with.
      Hope this helps.
      -Les S.

  2. Derick N. says:

    There’s any difference between the ignitor unit 2UJ-82305-00 and 3LS 82305-00? And, if so, what it should be (XV250 ’00)?

    • lstrick115 says:

      Hi Derick,
      I looked online for a while and I could not figure out the difference.
      I think if you just buy a replacement that says it is for an XV250, you will be fine.
      -Les S.

  3. Derick N. says:

    Thanks, man. Did my research too, the difference is just that (I’m from Brazil) 2UJ refers from the imported units, and 3LS it’s after XV250 began to be made here…
    But thanks again!!! And congrats for the site! Tons of good information here!!!

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