Carbon Fiber wheels for the Virago 250 ?  BST carbon fiber wheel closeup--

I bought my 2002 Virago 250 for $ 1,200 –  so spending $3,000 to 4,000 for a set of wheels would probably not be a good idea.

With carbon fiber wheels you get better acceleration, better  handling, greatly reduced stopping distance.  You see them mostly on race bikes, a few street bikes, and some custom-made bikes.  And they look incredible.

Hopefully, over time, the prices will drop.

DYMAG Carbon Fiber Race Ultra Lightweight CA5 5 Spoke Motorcycle Wheel--  BST_Generic_5_Slanted_Spoke_Rear_Wheel--

Lighter wheels (at a reasonable price) would improve the performance of the Virago 250 (better acceleration, better  handling, and reduced stopping distance).

A year ago, I looked for alloy wheels for my Virago 250.  I live in the US – we got only the spoked wheels – Yamaha put alloys on some of the Virago 250’s built for other countries.  The only one I found for sale was the “aluminum front wheel for Virago 250” you see on ebay for $114 plus $59 shipping.

alum front wheel XV250 $114 + $59 shipping--

Polishing and waxing spokes improves the looks and helps prevent rusting

Finally, I gave up on finding alloy wheels and just polished the wire wheels that are on the bike.  Shiny wire wheels look really good with a wider rear tire.

But I would still like to have alloy wheels, or even carbon fiber wheels, if the price was right.

-Les S.

from Venezuela I think - 125 alloys--  from-viet-nam-virago-250.jpg from Venezuela -  1995 alloy wheelsLifan 250--